Saskatchewan Cluster Roadmap

SEDA has developed a three-phase road map to guide organizations in assessing and amplifying existing and emerging clusters. 


  • Using quantitative (secondary data analysis) and qualitative (business interviews) processes, identify and assess existing and latent clusters.
  • Isolate potential opportunities for collaboration via a cluster SWOT.
  • Map existing and potential industry linkages – sector-specific and cross-sector.


  1. Introduction to Phase I: Download in PPT or PDF format.
  2. Stakeholder Engagement: an introductory presentation for community & business leaders. Download “Demystifying Cluster Development PPT” and PDF of Slides & Notes
  3. Eight Interview Guides to assist with assessment of businesses and supporting institutions:
  4. Contact List of provincial and national support institutions.


  • Begin intervention with clusters that are receptive to support and initiate cluster strategy and business model discussion
  • Pinpoint areas of collaboration and begin to identify potential cluster value impact
  • Work to mitigate industry challenges in under performing clusters
  • Engage support institutions and public sector agencies


  1. Introduction to Phase II. Download in PPT or PDF
  2. Cluster Business Canvass template
  3. Resource Mobilization Mapping template
  4. Collaboration Rationale template


  • Working towards formalizing cluster business model and governance
  • Development and implement a strategic plan(or simply an action plan)


  1. Introduction to Phase III. Download in PPT or PDF
  2. Cluster Business Model Evolution template
  3. Cluster Financing Model template
  4. Value Impact Roadmap template
  5. Plan Monitoring template
  6. Leadership Map template
  7. UNIDO Cluster Performance Indicators Inventory
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