Rural Cluster Development Project

With the support of Prairies Can and the Province of Saskatchewan, SEDA is working with partners in five rural micro-regions to encourage inter-firm cooperation and cultivate industry growth. The objective of this research was to identify five potential ‘micro-clusters’ in the province and study their similarities, opportunities, and challenges. From data analysis and in-person interviews, this study provides the current context and insights from Saskatchewan businesses. By sharing these findings and recommendations SEDA hopes to build upon and expand the province’s economic progress, investment attraction and community social fabric to drive sustainable community and economic development.

Phase 1 – Opportunity Assessment 2022-23

This phase played a critical role in laying the groundwork for cluster development, entailing vital economic analysis and extensive industry consultations to evaluate sector trends, challenges, and opportunities specific to each region. Comprehensive business interviews were conducted with leading anchor firms in key sectors, including agri-value, forestry, manufacturing, and mining, gathering valuable insights to assess the potential for advancing cluster development. These insights will serve as a foundation for strategic engagement with stakeholders in Phase 2, fostering a well-informed and collaborative approach to drive interfirm cooperation and promote economic advancement.  Phase 1 Report

Phase 2 – Mobilization 2023-25

Phase 2 aims to strengthen competitiveness and drive economic prosperity within five microregions through the activation of industry clusters. This phase involves active engagement with industry stakeholders and supporting institutions in each micro-region, with a focus on exploring priority challenges and opportunities. Through the development of strategic frameworks and action plans, our goal is to drive targeted initiatives that effectively address the identified priorities.

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